Thangkas for gompas

With no other skills except painting the brothers have continued to produce thangkas to raise the funds for the reconstruction of the gompa, so that on completion of his studies, their nephew can be enthroned in Tukuche, and their last responsibility will finally be fulfilled.

Shashi Dhoj (L) and Cakra Dhoj (R) Tulachan with Pitu (C), and a thangka in progress.

Note the pestle and mortar in the foreground for grinding the mineral colours








The following thangkas are currently available;

The brothers are currently working on the 12 acts of Buddha. If you are interested in one of these that is not pictured here, please let us know and we can advise when it is complete,

There are also other thangkas of buddhas and Guru Rinpoche not detailed here. Again, please contact us with your interests and we can see if we have something which fits your needs.


Red Amitabha, Buddha in the Western Pure Land of Dewachen.


Above (L-R), Guru Padmasambhava, Buddhas of the three times, Green Tara





Buddha Sakyamuni in earth touching pose, Bhumisparsha mudra.


The moment when Sakyamuni calls the earth as witness to his enlightenment.


Attended by his main disciples, Ananda and Kasyapa.




The Second act of Buddha – Conception


Maya Devi dreams of a white elephant


Buddha’s lifestream is above together with devis playing instruments, carrying a victor banner and strewing flowers.

Below his mother to be and her attendants sleep in the palace of king Suddhodana.



USD 15,000


The Third act of Buddha – Birth


Buddha is born in the grove of  Lumbini, Maya Devi holds onto the branch of the tree as Buddha emerges from her side.


He immediately takes seven steps from which lotus blossoms arise.


In the foreground are the queens entourage, the hindu worldly gods on the left and devis playing musical instruments in the sky, strewing flowers and pouring amrita.





The Sixth act of Buddha- Renunciation


Prince Siddhartha Gautama leaves the palace with his charioteer Channa, and horse Kanthaka; with whom he had first witnessed the samsaric sufferings of birth, sickness, old age and death as well as the wandering ascetic.


He discards his weapons, robes and ornaments, and settles under a tree to cut off his hair, abandoning worldly life.


The devis strew flowers from the sky and rainbow auras emanate from the prince.




All thangkas have the mantra Om Ah Hum painted on the back of the relevant deities to provide their life force.