Reconstruction Works

Recognising the wider importance of Chhairo Gompa in establishing the Nyngma sect in Thak, on the occasion of the 12 yearly Lhaphew, held in 2049 BS (Vikram Samvat) (approx. 1992 CE) a delegation from Chhairo visited Subba Tek Narsingh Bhattachan, a wealthy local family and long time patrons, in Tukuche to request assistance in restoring the gompa.

Inspired by their forefathers accounts of Tukche and Chhairo in their former glory and strong architectural and religious heritage, and stimulated and encouraged by Sashi Dhoj Tulachan, their religious leader, some of the younger generation is interested to repair and conserve the gompa complex, revitalising the community and rehabilitating the disintegrating fabric of Tukche through various activities associated with Chhairo Gompa.

The Chhairo Reconstruction and Maintenance Committee was formed who proceeded to collect information about the legal status of the gompa structures and property as well as determine the extent of the works that would be required.

In 2045 BS (approx. 1997/98) funds had been raised and technical conservation advice was sought, enabling engagement of an architectural firm to undertake a preliminary survey and develop the reconstruction scope and estimate.

Since 2004/5, the reconstruction has been supported by RWI, previously known as CRTP.

©April 2013 S Barakzai
Shashi talking to JSA Supervisor on the roof about design of a new cupola  c.2013 S Barakzai