1st & 2nd  incarnation

The first and second incarnations (tulku) are understood to have been born into the Kharghar caste and came from Tibet.

3rd incarnation

During the tenure of the third incarnation, of the Battachan family, the location of the gompa was moved to its current location. At the time there was no bridge and the river was difficult to cross. Therefore Tukuche’s villagers offered land to the monks to relocate the gompa within Tukuche village to ease their access.

4th incarnation

Was from the Tulachan family based in Tukuche, whose given name was Karma Tashi Singye, but known locally as Dr Mangal Singh, having gained a medical doctorate in Switzerland. He died aged 49.

5th incarnation

Born 28 years after the death of the previous incarnation, also from the Tulachan family of Tukuche, the current tulku’s monastic name is Karma Dhomchhe Norbu Tenpi Gyaltshen Palsamgpo Rinpoche. He is the nephew of Shashi Dhoj Tulachan. He was recognised by three senior rinpoches including Tai Situpa Rinpoche. He was enthroned aged 8 in 2004 in India.

He is currently studying at Palpung Monastery in Himachal Pradesh under Kenting Tai Situpa. In order for the young tulku to be accepted by the thakali community, he needs to be enthroned in Sambha gompa, requiring extensive reconstruction of the residential quarters of the monastery.