Religious Art

© 2013 Tom Fakler

The original wall paintings in both chapels have been damaged over the centuries by dirt and smoke of burning butter lamps and incense and also from water seepage. As of 2013 no major renovation to the interior of either chapel has been done.

The Main Gompa

Lama Chhiwang Thilen, Chhairo gompa’s founder, is believed to have painted the original frescoes in sMon and Gya Bris styles (see extract of RK Rai’s book for more information). They are predominantly in the sMon Bris style with elements of U Birs and even Bal Bris. Rain leaking through the roof washed away the original frescoes and so they were redone by Kamal Dhoj Tulachan, Shashi’s father in 1960.


Kamal Dhoj Tulachan © Sugata 1960

Kamal Dhoj Tulachan with Shashi as a boy c.1960 Sugata


Padmasambhava Chapel

© April 2013 Tom Fakler

 The Guru Rinpoche statue of clay on a bamboo frame c.2013 T Fakler

A 3m clay and bamboo Padmasambhava statue dominates the room and is believed to have been created by Khaipa Chh’ekoup. The most recent wall paintings are attributed to Lama Kamal Dhoj Tulachan, a famous painter of Mustang and the father of Shashi Dhoj Tulachan. (c) 2013 the paintings that can be seen were completed in 1953 and are in the sMon Bris style.