Puja season

These last few months have seen a series of pujas held at Chhairo.

Shashi and Chakra have been assisted by ge la Jamyang Nima, the senior monk from Thini and Sangha plus monks from other nearby gompas.

Prajwal and Prajit, Shashi and Chakra’s nephews have also spent time at Chhairo, helping out.

oct 14 puja 1

oct 14 puja 5

The little monks are becoming familiar with the proceedings, and some of our older monks have played the religious instruments, and assisted Sangha carrying the holy water bumpa, and carrying the tormas out of the shrine room.

oct 14 puja 3

The unexpected alcohol content in the holy water came as a surpise to Tshewang and Subin during this puja!

oct 14 puja 4

oct 14 puja 2