Dawa’s first visit to the dentist

Little Dawa had his first visit to the dentist…

dawa detist

His baby teeth hadn’t fallen out and his new big teeth were growing inwards. So we made a trip to Tukuche’s health post where there is a dentist.

The dentist didn’t hang about and they were pulled out quick smart – which was a bit of a shock and little Dawa wasn’t very happy for a whileand wasn’t ready to have his picture taken as we visited Sambha gompa with Shashi and Chakra.

But a yellow balloon, some fussing by the lunch ladies and having Prajwal blowing his porridge cool for him meant he was all fine by the time we headed back to Chhairo.

Keeping an eye on the little monks’ health is all part of the support that the gompa community needs. The local health worker based at Marpha has been requested to visit once a week to check the guys over and make sure that any issues are caught early.

If you would like to support this aspect of the gompa’s running costs, please drop us a line. Transport and communications are the main challenges to keeping everyone healthy.