The people of thaksatsae (the seven villages of the thakali) celebrated the 12 yearly festival of Lha Phewa in January this year. They remembered the coming of their ancestors to the area, and the deities of the four clans – Battachan, Sherchan, Tulachan and Gauchan. The masks of the deities […]

2017 Lha Phewa

IMG_3269 M Vinding
The brothers met the author of ‘The Thakalis: A Himalayan Ethnography’, at the 12 year festival of Lha Phewa held at the end of the monkey year.   They had met many years ago when Shashi and Chakra’s father, Kamal Dhoj Tulachan had been alive. For a review of Vindings […]

Shashi and Chakra meet Michael Vinding at Lha Phewa