See the Gompa

Restoring the Chairro Gompa – Restoration Works International

Purna is a project supervisor for John Sanday Associates. As such, he oversees the site of the Chairro Gompa, whose restoration is supported by Restoration Works International.

Volunteering with Restoration Works International

Candace, a volunteer with Restoration Works International, talks about her experience working on the Chairro Gompa project.

Little monks at Chhairo Gompa – RWI

With Restoration Works International’s completion of the new monks quarters at Chairro Gompa, the little monks have moved in and begun their education there.

Shashi Dhoj Tulachan

Sashi Doj Tulachan, head lama at Chhairo Gompa, introduces himself and is seen sketching out a mural in the newly restored wing of the temple. The restoration was made possible by Restoration Works International. Filmed in Fall, 2012.

Along the Path: Restoring Chhairo Gompa

Each year, thousands of trekkers visit Nepal on the quest for scenic views and adventure. However, volunteering is another way of experiencing this country’s diverse religion, culture and geography.

This short film chronicles a journey to Marpha, Nepal to restore a 300-year-old Tibetan Buddhist monastery. A group of 12 volunteers travel by air and dirt road, from town to town, ultimately to get to the construction site of Chhairo Gompa.